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About Us

Our Story

“Oun t’a ó jẹ l’àgbà oun ta ó se” *

* “What we want to eat is, on the hierarchical scale, superior to what we want to do.”

Korede’s Africoal was born in 2017, from a passion for great Nigerian cuisine. Growing up in Nigeria, I was blessed to be surrounded by generations of food entrepreneurs in my family; from my grandma, who had a vast fresh produce farm, to my grand aunt, who had a popular Buka (street food joint in Nigeria), their expertise sparked my interest in, not only creating authentic tasting Nigerian cuisine, but also creating a friendly and delightful customer experience.

Combining my expertise in good quality food and my husband’s love for ‘Suya’, a famous Nigerian street food, we aim to share this love for African soul food with every one of our customers! Because we pride ourselves in delivering good quality food, one of our secrets is our charcoal grill; we use it to grill our meats and fishes. The charcoal flame adds that authentic taste that you cannot find anywhere else but in Africa!

At Korede’s, we are deeply passionate and committed to taking you, our customers, on a culinary journey, allowing you to travel around West Africa with nothing but your palate!

Whether you visit our restaurant or decide to enjoy our food from the comfort of your home, we guarantee that every meal has been prepared with nothing but love, care and authenticity!

– Kemi Shadare (owner)