KOREDE’S AFRICOAL | Good food served all day


A view of our dishes

Ogbono and pounded yam
Sharwama wrap
Tilapia, yam, plantain
Catfish - fresh fish stew
Jollof rice, turkey
Party food, bulk order
Snacks (finger food)
Turkey meat
Catfish pepper soup
Fried rice
Sweet salad
Wrap - beef, chicken, lamb (mixed)
Efo riro
Goat meat in stew + ewedu, amala
Pounded yam, semolina
Tilapia - fresh fish stew
Beans and corn (ewa alagbado)
Egusi, pounded yam
Goat meat pepper soup
Puff puff (puff-buns)
Tilapia pepper soup
Burger - beef or chicken
Ewa aganyin (Togolese beans)
Grilled tilapia, yam